Local Phone Numbers
Numbers in over 9,000 US and Canadian cities and area codes
Virtual local phone numbers are a great solution for businesses that want to establish a local reputation, for those that want to advertise with a local presence in multiple areas, and even for friends and family wanting to avoid long distance charges. Setup is fast and affordable, and you can start receiving calls right away.
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Easy To Use Online Number Picker With Instant Provisioning

With our easy to use online number portal, you can search our inventory of over 300,000 local phone numbers to find the number you need in any area code, and setup takes just minutes - so you can use your new phone number right away.

Get a Local Phone Number In Any US or Canadian City and Area Code

HostedNumbers.com has in-stock phone numbers available in over 9,000 different cities across the United States and Canada. Search by state and city or by area code to find phone numbers in the exact area you're looking for.

Easy, instant setup

It’s simple and convenient to get the local phone numbers you need for your business or personal calling. No matter where you are located, we have numbers in-stock that can be provisioned in just minutes. Search for numbers, configure call forwarding, and even view reports online all with a few simple clicks. Your new number(s) will be ready to use in 30 minutes or less.

Benefits of Hosted Local Phone Numbers
Local numbers make it easy for those who prefer to “shop local” to find you, even if you aren’t headquartered locally.
Having a local area code makes you more easily identifiable so that customers can quickly know where your services or products are sold
No software to install, no equipment to buy and maintain, and no contracts required
US-based customer service and support from our friendly and knowledgeable agents
Signing up for local numbers with HostedNumbers.com means that you can take advantage not only of our reliable hosted calling, but our outstanding customer service as well. Get started today!

“Getting setup with phone numbers to track our ad campaigns was a snap. Works great and customer service is the best."

Julie Wilcox

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