Hosted phone numbers offer the same call quality and reliability as traditional phone numbers, but with hosted numbers you get great features and flexibility that local phone companies can't offer!
Call Forwarding

With call forwarding, it's easy to add new local or toll-free phone numbers to your existing landline or cell phone. We offer hosted numbers in over 9,000 US and Canadian cities and area codes. Setup is as simple as picking your hosted number and setting a forward-to number and you can even create a schedule to forward calls to different numbers.

Online Reporting

Online call tracking reports allow you to easily report on call counts, average call durations and total call durations. Group data by hour, day, week or month, and display reports in a variety of chart formats. All report data can be exported or emailed, and you can even create scheduled reports for recurring email delivery.

Forwarding Schedules

Create schedules to route calls to different forward-to numbers based on the current day/time. You can even set schedule exceptions for holidays, vacations, etc.

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