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Setting up call forwarding with a new phone number is quick and easy
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Pick from over 300,000 toll-free, local, and vanity phone numbers

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Forward calls to a phone number you already have (mobile, office, etc)

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Calls ring to your existing cell phone or landline

Great Selection of Local and Toll-Free Phone Numbers has over 300,000 numbers in-stock and ready for instant provisioning. We have local phone numbers available in over 9,000 different cities and offer a full selection of toll-free phone numbers, including 855, 866, 877, 888, and 800 prefixes. In addition to call forwarding, all hosted numbers include online call tracking reports.

Easy, instant setup

With hosted phone numbers and call forwarding, you can can signup and start taking calls on your new number in just minutes. Select from local phone numbers in over 9,000 US and Canadian cities and toll-free phone numbers in all prefixes (vanity numbers are available in either type). Once you've selected your number, tell us which existing phone number you'd like to answer calls on (e.g. home phone, cell phone, work phone... any phone number you already have). When callers dial your hosted number, we'll forward them to the number that you provided. It's just like adding another line, only easier and cheaper!

Benefits of Hosted Call Forwarding
Select from local numbers in over 9,000 US and Canadian cities, and toll-free numbers in all prefixes
Change your forward-to number anytime using your online account tools, or call us 24/7 for help
No software to install, no equipment to buy and maintain, and no contracts required
US-based customer service and support from our friendly and knowledgeable agents
All services include 1 free toll-free or local phone number. Additional numbers (toll-free or local) are $5/mo per number. Get the call forwarding phone numbers you need when you set up call forwarding with today.

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"Hosted Numbers call forwarding was incredibly fast and easy to setup, and on the few occasions we've needed to call customer service, we've been very impressed. A great company to work with!"

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