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SMS Messaging
Send and receive text messages in the cloud
SMS Messaging in the cloud is a great way to keep in touch with customers over mobile. For just $5 per number a month, you can send product updates, answer customer inquiries, and stay connected over text with HostedNumbers' SMS conversations.
Easy To Use SMS Messaging Center

Sending and receiving text messages in the cloud is easy with HostedNumbers' SMS Messaging center. Choose which SMS-capable number you'd like to send from with a simple drop-down menu, click Send, and you're done.

Instant Send and Response, Anywhere

Communicate with anyone via text with SMS-enabled numbers on your account. We have local numbers available across 9,000 cities in the United States and Canada, and most of them are SMS-capable.

Give Your Whole Team the Power of Text

Use HostedNumbers to send and receive SMS messages with customers, sales prospects, and clients. This helps your team to stay connected, so you never miss an opportunity.

Benefits of SMS Messaging
SMS Messaging gives your customers reliable mobile access to customer service
SMS Messaging makes it easy to send updates and special messaging
Managing your SMS messages from our cloud-based platform makes it easy to keep track of what you and your team members have sent and received
24/7 US-based customer service and support from our friendly and knowledgeable agents

With HostedNumbers' SMS capabilities, my design team can communicate easily and effectively with clients, and I can stay up-to-date on their conversations with the cloud-based messaging."

Joan Larn

Larn Creative