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Local Phone Number Porting
Fast, easy, no downtime.

Are you ready to sign up for our services but want to keep your current phone number? It’s easy to port the local number you're already using with our Local Number Portability (LNP) services.

Porting Your Phone Number

If you already have a phone number that you would like to use with our services, we can probably port it in (most but not all numbers can be ported into our service area). We offer fast porting services and expert knowledge to ensure that your business doesn't experience any downtime when the number ports over. Once ported, you'll enjoy access to advanced hosted features like call reporting, web analytics integration, call screening, call recording, voicemail, click2call, and more.

Need to port in multiple phone numbers?
Call 800-300-9525 and a customer service agent will be happy to help.

Get Started
Enter your local phone number below and click on Check Phone Number to see if it can be ported.