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Live Answering Service

The perfect complement to your hosted phone numbers. Try it risk free today!

Our 24/7 USA call center agents answer your phone calls for you. Sign up today and we can begin your live answering service within 24 hours.

Tell us how you want your calls scripted

Set your calls to forward to our 24/7 call center

Our agents answer and follow your script

Information is sent back to you automatically

How can we help your business?

Message Taking
Message Taking
Lead Generation
Lead Generation
Order Entry
Order Entry
Appointment Scheduling
Appointment Scheduling
Overflow Calls
Overflow Calls
After Hour Calls
After Hour Calls
  • Your calls are answered by friendly and professional agents located right here in the U.S.A.
  • Ensure your customers receive the best service from our expertly trained agents
  • Forward your calls to us all the time or only as needed
  • Forward calls from a Hosted Numbers phone number or a number you already have
  • All calls are answered within 20 seconds so your customers never wait on hold
"Your agents are so professional, which is vital for law offices. I trust them each personally to handle my best, and worst, clients.” - Michael Shovan, Studen Loan Legal Help

A trusted ally for thousands of businesses since 1990

"Many of our customers call outside of our business hours to place an order, and without an answering service, we would miss out on these orders. Now we never miss an order, and because Hosted Numbers agents use the same web-based ordering portal as our employees, the fulfillment process is exactly the same."
Don Mueller,
Golf Tailor

"Thanks to this 24/7 service, we save money by not having a receptionist in house. But equally important, it also allows the stylists to give their undivided attention to clients, which helped us become one of the best salons in San Francisco and the Bay Area!”"
Erica Redding,
Red Union Hair Salon

"Prior to utilizing Hosted Numbers for lead collection, I was personally taking every call on my cell phone, which was becoming more and more difficult to keep up with. Hosted Numbers worked with me to customize a script to offload the collection of prospects' information so that I don't miss leads and can focus on more important things as I work to grow my company."
Robert Heidbrink,
Tri-Town Properties

Sample Calls

Listen to samples of real calls - call samples provided with prior consent from our customers.

In this call, you'll hear one of our agents schedule an appointment for a new patient of Boca Chiropractor.

In this call, you'll hear one of our agents take a call from one of Golf Tailor's customer who needs help with a billing problem.

In this call, you'll hear one of our agents provide assistance to a direct mail respondent who wishes to place an order.

In this call, you'll hear one of our agents collect a lead profile from a homeowner that's interested in selling to Houston House Buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my calls to you?

Getting your calls to us is as simple as forwarding your calls to the phone number that we'll provide when we setup your script. If you have special forwarding needs (for example, you only want calls to roll over to us when you don't answer), we can show you how to setup the forwarding to handle these needs as well.

What if I have my own number? Can you answer those calls too?

Absolutely. You have the option to keep the number with your current carrier and forward the calls to us, or you can port the number into our system so your calls can ring directly to our call center without the need for any call forwarding.

How do you get my leads/messages to me?

A call summary is emailed to you immedietly after each call disconnects - even hangups. These emails will include the written capture of whatever information you requested in your script setup. Additionally, you have the option to receieve a recording of the call with these emails as well.

Where are your agents located?

Our call center is located in Tallahassee, FL, where we answer 100% of our calls.

Do you support outbound callling campaigns and/or call back requests?

At this time, we answer inbound calls only. If you have a significant need for outbound calling, though, we would be happy to discuss the possibility with you.

Are there any contracts or term comittments?

No, our service are month-to-month, and you're free to cancel at anytime without penalty.

Can you handle multiple scenarios in a single script?

Absolutely - we'll help you setup your script so that it covers all the common call types you receive.

How long does it take to get setup?

Setting up is easy and takes just a few minutes of your time. Once we have your script instructions, we'll be able to begin taking calls for you within 24 hours.
Sales & customer support agents are available 24/7, call 800-300-9252 for assistance.