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Here's just a few of our thousands of customers using Hosted Numbers to create winning solutions for their businesses.

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  • Jonathan Kramer
    Telecom Law Firm P.C.
  • Julie Bell
    Med Mart
  • Kamiel Moore
    HomeVestors of America
  • Linda Miller
    Key West Express
  • Troy Stucky
    Platinum Health and Wellness
  • Aleshia Bonilla
    Apartment Experts
  • Alisa Admiral
    Law Offices of Alisa Admiral, APC
  • Maoz Kadesh
    Cal Pro Movers
  • Sheila Williams
    Legit Styles
  • Mike Peat
    Air Critical Care
  • Charles Levine
    Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing
  • Raven Kraft
    Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing
  • Berard Clark
    Majux Marketing
  • Danny Goossens
    Translators USA, LLC
  • James Petulla
    Recording Connection
  • Gillian Rowley
    Pro Q Solutions
  • Nick Munsee
    Real Property Management Select
  • LaTanya Ross Henry
    LMH Accounting and Consulting
  • Aleshia Bonilla
    Austin Apartment Specialists
  • Matt Thompson
    Madison Social
  • Pete Korbakes
    Local Leads Now
  • Sam Craven
    Senna House Buyers
  • Oscar Sanchez
    My House Painting
  • Don Stewart
    Choice Directory
  • Nick Dancer
    Dancer Concrete Design
"Hosted Numbers is an essential part of our marketing program, allowing us to create a virtual presence in new local markets."
"We assign a unique phone number local to each of our advertising areas to see where we should expect a higher need for supplies and inventory. It's a great tool to have. Thanks for making it simple, yet affordable!"
"The platform is easy, and the number setup is fast! If I ever have an issue it is resolved immediately with a live person and they are always looking for ways to save our company money."
"Hosted Numbers is an invaluable tool that keeps us connected and allows us to measure return on our massive advertising investments."
"Recording calls helps us ensure that our patients are being served with the highest standard of care each and every time they contact our office."
"Hosted Numbers has made tracking all our incoming calls so much easier. Now we can see exactly how long we are interacting with our clients and where they are coming from."
"Working with Hosted Numbers has been an amazing experience. Running a busy law practice can be very stressful, and deciding to use the Live Answering service felt like a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders. The receptionists are always friendly and professional, and I know that my clients will be taken care of."
"The graphs make it very easy to see which ads are getting the most responses, and indicate where we need to focus more of our efforts and resources."
"We love the affordable rates, reliable services, advertising tools, and superb level of customer service. Hosted Numbers' services and prices cannot be beat!"
"Seeing where our money is being spent most effectively helped us seal the leaks in our advertising budget."
"Overall, a very good experience. Prompt customer service and quality keeps improving. "
"This is such a useful tool to determine the effectiveness of our campaigns. The charts are clear and easy to read, and we convenitently receive them by email, so we don't have to go looking for them!"
"Having Hosted Numbers' call tracking information at hand can easily help you justify a larger web marketing budget, or even a smaller one if your phone isn't ringing as much as it could."
"We have been with Hosted Numbers for a few years and are very happy with the service provided. It has allowed us to stay in contact with clients who call in after business hours or when our local staff is out the door."
"Hosted Numbers interface is well thought out. The selection of area codes (and numbers within these area codes) is excellent. Call forwarding and other routing options are instantaneous, and the analytics are very useful."
"Now we can finally see how our online marketing connects to our offline sales."
"Hosted Numbers provides a service to our company that has maximized the productivity of each marketing dollar we spend. They have played a big part of our company's growth and success in recent years."
"The staff is so helpful every time I call. I can tell that they actually care about what I need, and want my business to succeed. Hosted Numbers works for me, and they're a great part of my winning team."
"Before Hosted Numbers we spent hours manually tracking where our ad calls were coming from. It was far less accurate and very time consuming. Now we know exactly how many calls we are getting from each of our ad sources. This allows us to reinvest our marketing dollars effectively and efficiently, saving us both time and money. "
"There is no better way to track the direct results of digital marketing, than to track the calls you get for reservations."
"Hosted Numbers offers a cost effective and vital service for our company. We always have a fast response to any of our questions and concerns."
"The call tracking graphs give us a clear view of how each ad is performing, allowing us to find duds early and then refocus those dollars on campaigns that are delivering the best results."
"Every 6 months we launch a new marketing campaign because our Hosted Numbers dashboard shows us what works. Without them, our campaigns would be a dead end."
"Without tracking numbers to prove our effectiveness to clients, we'd lose a lot of business. Hosted Numbers has become a cornerstone component of our success."
"We use Hosted Numbers so that we always have someone professional answering the phone. In our business, someone is not always in the office, and when we are in the field it is not always the best to handle incoming calls. Have a trained Hosted Numbers agent answer the phone allows the customer to always talk to a friendly, helpful, real person. "