Why Get A Vanity Number?

Jun 27, 2014

“If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, Who you gonna call?” We all know what the answer to that question. Don’t you wish it was that easy for customers to know who to call when they needed your product or service?
          Thankfully using vanity numbers, it can be – and you don’t even need a jingle or TV show to make it happen. Since we’ve made it as easy to get a vanity number as it is to get any other number, and highly affordable, why would you miss out on any of these advantages?

They’re A Branding Tool
          1-800-FLOWERS is such a powerful branding tool, that the company even named themselves after it. Having a phone number that spells out (quite literally) what you are, do, or offer, arms you with one more powerful way to communicate what your company does.
          There’s lots of factors to consider when choosing your vanity number, and our friends at Software Advice have taken these all into account and created this guide to help you choose the perfect vanity phone number for your business.

Decision Tree - Find the Perfect Vanity Number

          One statement in this decision tree that can’t be emphasized enough if you’re using a vanity number as a branding tool is “Choose one word (or pair of words) that people would be most apt to associate with your company?” Does that ring a bell? (Creating Brand Identity, anyone?)

          When you think of those words, or pair of words, the next question: “Is 1-800-(that word or phrase) an available number” is easily answered with our vanity number picker. Just type in the word or number you want, pick the toll-free pre-fix or area code (we have local vanity numbers, too!), and find a list of the numbers that are available.

          When your phone number is easy to remember, it will stand out above the competition’s. It’s difficult to remember numbers randomly assigned, but it’s much easier to remember a sequence of numbers (IE: 5555 over 5483), and even easier to remember a word (IE: KITE, over 5483, even though they are the same phone number!)

          If your vanity number is in a sea of ads, and is the only one with a vanity number – it’s much more likely that when they have to choose one number to call, potential customers will be able to remember the number that says what they need in it.

It Increases Response Rate
          How often do you see an ad for something, and respond immediately? It’s not to say that this never happens, but usually, advertising makes you aware that a company exists – and then you remember it when you need it later, and look up the phone number. Using a vanity phone number eliminates the last step – which also takes out the chance of potential customers finding your competitors when they search for your business online. If they can remember your number right off the bat, they’ll skip the research and give you their business.

          Vanity numbers are catchy, easy to remember, and can be powerful branding tools for businesses. Or, if you’re anything like I am and think it’s so cool to be able to tell people to call a phone number that has your name in it (even in your current area code!), you can give our number picker a whirl and look for a number that is all about you (because let’s be honest – we think you’re pretty great!).


Software Advice is a trusted resource for software buyers. The company’s website provides detailed reviews, comparisons and research to help organizations choose the right software.



Jamie Nichols

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