How To Track ROI with Call Tracking

Oct 28, 2014

how to increase ROI

When you spend money on advertising, you live and die by your return on investment (ROI). Your goal, as a business owner or media buyer or advertising executive or whatever position it may be that calls upon you to formulate an advertising strategy, is to make sure that you’re bringing in more profit that you’re doling out in order to advertise. On Internet ads with direct conversion funnels, this might be easy, but for something like a radio or television ad, designating revenue towards a specific campaign can be much trickier. One way to see how much each ad is bringing in (and the positive or negative changes in ads, when you tweak them) is by implementing call tracking.

Call tracking through HostedNumbers is simple. If you are running more than one ad or a single ad with variations in different cities/states, you will want to purchase phone numbers for each segment that you want to track. This segment could be called “People from Indianapolis” if you’re advertising in Indianapolis, or it could be “Lawyers” if you’re running an ad in a trade-publications– whatever you decide to name it, but picking a specific number that only people who see that ad will call, you are now able to definitively see how much direct ROI comes from people who acted on that ad.

Beyond just seeing what ads performed the best, you can further segment your data. Call tracking data can be grouped by the time of day people called, the call duration, and the cumulative total of all calls (if they called back several times). This data is available on our web dashboard, but also can be emailed to you one time, or multiple times if you set up arecurring email export schedule. In addition to all the data that can be derived from call tracking, once in the dashboard, HostedNumbers lets you notate calls with important information, integrate with Google Analytics or Adobe Marketing Cloud to look for correlations, and record calls to get easily refer back to important information or ensure that your staff is giving customers the best experience.

If you’re looking to track your ROI on advertisements with call tracking or need a vanity, local, toll-free, or virtual phone number for any other need, check out our HostedNumbers pricing page to get started.


Jamie Nichols

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