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Local SEO and How To Optimize it With Virtual Phone Numbers

Aug 6, 2014 by

Local SEO is a sticky subject. Relatively new on the SEO scene (compared to the days of keywords and meta tags, at least), local search results are a new and important way for both local and national businesses to reach extremely localized markets.

And for good reason: according to a report by BIA Kelsey, in 2015 there will be over 110 billion local searches on mobile devices alone. Pair that with the 2013 Google blog post claiming that 70% of mobile searches call a business directly from search results and we’re looking at a 77-billion-part pie waiting to be divvied up. If you can capitalize on good (nay, GREAT) local SEO, you can see a substantial increase in not only your online traffic but, as a result of your optimization, also a substantial increase in the number of calls that come to your website.

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