Ways Healthcare Practices Benefit from Hosted Phone Services

Sep 15, 2014

Physicians know that having good relationships with their patients is one of the most important factors in patient satisfaction – and the public seems to agree, too.

In a 2014 study conducted by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, patients listed doctors being inaccessible in the top 5 traits of a poor-quality doctor. Aside from spending more time in the office (or offices), there are a few ways that healthcare professionals can make patients feel like they are more accessible that will also help them stay organized.

Schedule Calls to Forward to The Appropriate Office
If you’re spread between two or more offices, patients may begin to feel like you’re not available when they need to see you. It can be frustrating for them to call one office to speak with you, just to find out you’re in the other that day. By setting up a custom call forwarding schedule, you can have calls routed to the office where you’re scheduled to be. Of course this can be changed any time, so if your schedule changes – it’s easy to adjust.

Let The On Call Doctor Answer
When a patient needs to speak to you after hours for a pressing medical issue, or advice on seeking emergency service, you need to be accessible. If you’re not on call, then you likely don’t want your phone ringing – just to provide the patient with the appropriate number for the on-call doctor. If you set up call forwarding with a custom schedule for after hours to ring to the corresponding on-call doctor, you can enjoy your time off while your patients still feel cared for.

Provide Dedicated Support for Specialties
Let’s say you’re a chiropractor, but specialize in treating specific ailments (neuropathy or migraines, for example) you could set up phone systems specifically for your patients who are affected by these. If you use a hosted messaging service, you can record different messages for your patients to hear about. For example, press 1 to hear common symptoms of migraines; press 2 to hear instructions on how to prepare a warm compress; press 3 to hear our office hours and location; press 9 to speak to the doctor.
With a unique phone number for this specialization, patients will get a sense that you are dedicated to helping them with their specific need. Also, using a hosted messaging service will allow you to access a bundle of other features that can help your practice run more smoothly.

Being more accessible to your patients doesn’t mean having a ball and chain on your ankle in your office. With these easy to set up solutions, your patients will feel more connected to you, and be happier – and hopefully healthier – than ever.


Jamie Nichols

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