How to Reduce Customer Call Churn

Nov 12, 2014

One of the biggest issues companies with several departments face is customers calling in to the main number, being routed around and, before they reach the person then intended on talking to, the hang up out of frustration. These customers segment a unique group of people that, no matter how good your service or marketing, will always be lost due to a messy division of your business phone numbers, (or worse, a single phone number).

Virtual phone numbers are an easy and cost effective way to mitigate any customer churn you have from being routed around a single phone line. One of the common misconceptions about virtual phone numbers is that they are random chains of numbers, somewhere living in the vast digital nebulous, but that is not true. You can purchase a local or toll free phone number, designate that specific number to a certain department and, when you get a call from that number, know automatically what department it is meant to go to. Furthermore, you’ve got the ability to go online and track analytics about the call.

You can see what departments get called the most (or least) during which parts of the day or year– you can record calls and to audit the customer service of your employees. Virtual phone numbers allow you an enormous amount of freedom when delineating inbound calls and with that added authority likewise comes increased revenue.

Local and Toll-Free phone numbers start at $7.95 through and complete options can be seen on our pricing page. Currently, over 3000 businesses are employing our services for multiple-phone numbers for a single business, gaining a competitive advantage not only in understanding the behaviors of their customers through our online analytics dashboard, but also drastically improving the customer experience, removing any barriers to talking with the right department and thus shortening the gap between your business and their money.

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Jamie Nichols

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