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Tips on How Local Numbers Enhance a Brand’s Local Appeal

Nov 30, 2015 by

Untitled design (2)The Go Local movement is huge right now among consumers. In fact, BrandMuscle found that 85% of consumer purchases happen within 15 miles of where people live and/or work. Even mammoth-sized international companies like American Express promote shopping locally with their Small Business Saturday initiative. Given that small, locally owned and operated businesses make up the majority of our economy, consumers have a lot of local companies to choose from in their area.

Your branding can be used to create local appeal that will help you carve out a larger portion of a location-specific market. You can work in a local angle through messaging, images and your phone number. Here are several ways the latter can help your brand on a local level.

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7 Reasons Why Call Tracking is Important for Your Company’s Growth

Nov 23, 2015 by

7 Reasons Why Call Tracking is Important for Your Company’s GrowthAt one time, tracking calls was near impossible for most businesses. But thanks to cloud computing, any business with a virtual phone number can gather analytics on calls just as easily as they gather data on their website. Call tracking providers like Hosted Numbers can automatically collect call data and update the metrics in real time.

Why is this important for your business? You could fill a book with all of the reasons why a business would want to track phone calls. Bottom line: callers are your most valuable leads. If you want to grow your company, call tracking will tell you how to fast track the process.

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5 Ways Call Tracking Helps with Lead Nurturing

Nov 16, 2015 by

Untitled design (2)Leads are delicate things, very similar to seedlings. You can plant a seed, but it requires a fair amount of nurturing to help a plant grow.

Lead nurturing in your business involves building a relationship and trust through contact. Sometimes it only takes one phone call to convert a lead into a customer. Sometimes it takes 10, 20 or 100 touches through various means. Creating a lead nurturing strategy will help you lay the groundwork for making meaningful contact, using automation to decrease the workload, and measuring the results so you can optimize the process and get leads to convert more quickly.

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5 Call Tracking Metrics Every Business Owner Needs To Know

Oct 26, 2015 by

5 Call Tracking Metrics Every Business Owner Needs To Know
Call tracking is like Google Analytics (GA) for your phone. However, given that inbound
callers are 10-15 times more likely to convert than web leads, one could argue that utilizing virtual phone numbers that can be tracked is even more important than GA.

Call tracking can provide a goldmine of information that gives you insight about your highest quality leads. The five call tracking metrics below are the gold standard in phone data that every business owner should know if they want to dramatically increase their conversion rate (And what business wouldn’t want that?).

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7 Ways Call Tracking Humanizes Your Paid Search Campaigns

Oct 19, 2015 by

Untitled design

When you’re digging through your analytics it’s easy to forget that behind all that data is your actual customer base. Paid search campaigns in particular tend to shift our focus to metrics like keyword volume, cost-per-click and return on ad spend. These metrics are important but you could be missing the human aspect of the information, which is much more valuable.

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5 Common PPC Call Tracking Errors & How Virtual Phone Numbers Can Fix Them

Oct 12, 2015 by


Many entrepreneurs and small businesses question the effectiveness of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and the ROI that some companies claim. PPC campaigns for small businesses can be highly successful when the right metrics are accurately tracked and the campaigns are set up to encourage conversions.

Not long ago, PPC call tracking was a tedious business that wasn’t commonly incorporated into this strategy. While the tools needed to accurately track calls has improved, many people continue to make one or more of these common, costly mistakes below.

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