Advertising Your Home Services Business

Aug 20, 2014

A plush, green lawn and beautiful garden is the best advertising a landscaping company can have. The same goes for any home services business: the beauty or perfection of the work speaks loudly for your business.

Or as they say, “the proof is in the pudding.” But then you’ve got to take it one step further, and let people know which company is responsible for the noteworthy work.
          Since you, or your project managers, spend a lot of time on the job site, we’ve come up with a strategy to advertise your business while you’re there. By assigning a unique phone number to accompany the projects that you’re working on or have completed, you’ll know exactly which area prospects are interested in contracting your services for (and in turn calling about), and be able to address their needs specifically from the beginning of the call.

          If you own a moving company, construction company, cleaning company, or any business that implies that your rates could change depending on location, this is a great way to improve your customer service right off the bat. It will also be helpful if you’re trying to find out which areas you need to hire more staff in, or focus more of your efforts towards. For the sake of this example, let’s say you own a lawn care business.
Here’s how you do it:

1. Set up local phone numbers for each area in which you have active projects.
For example: a number for each subdivision, or region of the city you’ve got active job sites.

2. Print lawn signs with your company name and a unique tracking number on them.
For example: Lawn manicured by Joe’s Lawn Care, 894-815-8290 [with each number assigned to a project area]. This will allow you to track which signs, in which areas are prompting people to call about your service. Having multiple numbers, with each one assigned to an area or project will give you the granular level of detail about your prospective clients that one widely used phone number will not. You’ll be able to see exactly which hosted phone number (on which specific sign) is driving results, which service people want, and where they’re calling from. It will help you segment your customer list based on location and interest. The more you’re able to segment the market, the more you’ll be able to anticipate and meet their specific needs.

3. Put up signs on the lawn (after obtaining the owner’s permission, of course!) when you go to the work site, and remove them at an agreed upon time.

4. Set up the Whisper Feature for each line.
This will allow you to hear which area or service prospects are calling regarding before you answer the call. Knowing the area where they’re calling from means you can anticipate their needs, and have information on hand to help the call go more smoothly. You can set up the Whisper Feature to say whatever you’d like. Let’s say that you also offer fence installation with your landscaping services. By giving each specific service it’s own tracking number, and then setting up the Whisper Feature, you can hear “lawn care” when people call from the lawn signs, or “fencing” when people call from fencing site signs, played before the call.

5. Monitor which Hosted Numbers are getting the most phone calls.
You can use our call tracking reports, which have detailed graphs, to see which number is driving the most phone traffic, and in turn, which area has a high demand for your service, or which service is the most wanted.

6. Adjust your staffing and advertising strategies.
You want your supply to match what the market is calling for. Stop wasting time and energy in areas that don’t have much of a need for your service, and focus on those that do.

          You might already have signs posted in front of the places that you’re working, but adding unique phone numbers to them will help you take your advertising to the next level, by giving you insight into where it is and isn’t working. Stop asking why people are calling, and start tracking your advertising return today!


Jamie Nichols

  • Mac Baza

    Great idea, I think the tracking numbers to see which signs are bringing in the most customer traffic is a great idea. I think getting an over all toll-free vanity number such as, 1-800-WOW-LAWN would not only have a number that’s easy to remember but also bring a successful big business feel to a local business operation.

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