Local Vanity Numbers

Local vanity numbers help create a local presence for businesses that may not have a physical location in that market and are easy to recall. Vanity numbers are great for radio, mobile advertising, billboards, television, or any advertising where you have a few brief moments to make a memorable impression.

With Hosted Numbers, buying a vanity phone number is simple and affordable. Search our extensive inventory using our vanity search engine to find the perfect number. Our search engine allows you to specify the word, letters, or number sequence you want to include in your phone number and run a search for options with that term. For $7.95 only month, select a number by city and state or area code, enter the number you would like to forward calls on your new number to, and share the new number to start receiving calls.

If you already have a local number, you can port your phone number to us and pay far less than you would with a traditional phone company. You'll prefer not only the cost, but advanced features like scheduling your call forwarding, call tracking and reporting, caller demographics with caller insight, call recording, and so much more.

There is no software to install or equipment to buy & maintain. Hosted Numbers has reliable technology and 24x7 customer support.

Vanity Numbers