Get a Phone Number

Hosted Local or Toll-Free

If you need to get a phone number for your business, look no further than Hosted Numbers.

At Hosted Numbers, we make it fast and affordable to obtain local, toll free, and vanity telephone numbers. No contracts to sign and 24/7/365 customer support.

Our call tracking reports provide specific information on call volumes and durations. You can dedicate a number to your website or specialty advertising and easily track the performance of each campaign. Even integrate call data into any web analytic software to compare your online and offline advertising response rates.

Reporting & Analytics

Call reporting can help you track the success of your advertising campaigns.

You can use a different local phone number for each Web page, Web site, pay-per-click ad, or print advertisement and track everything with our robust online reporting tools. Line graphs, bar graphs, and pie charts can be broken down from a monthly summary to a detailed daily or hourly view. Download your reports or schedule them to be emailed on a regular basis.

You also have the ability to track phone call traffic with Google Analytics and other popular analytics software. You will be able to see your phone call traffic side-by-side with online Web site statistics.

After you create a hidden Web page on your Web site, every time your hosted number is called, it will generate a record on that Web page. This makes it easy for Google Analytics or other Web-based analytics software to compare Web site activity with phone traffic.

Hosted Voicemail & Fax

This service turns an ordinary local or toll-free phone number into a communications tool that gives your business a professional image.

A powerful voicemail system assists your callers. Use call forwarding to send callers to your cell or business phone during business hours and let voicemail handle the rest. Your voicemail can be delivered to your email so you can decide if it needs an immediate response or if it can wait until later.

The same hosted number handles your faxing needs. You don't need a fax machine. You don't need a separate phone number. No more busy signals or lost faxes. Your faxes can be delivered to your email or retrieved online.