Caller Insight

How Caller Insight Works

Many marketers and business owners think they know their customers, but acknowledge that they rely on gut feelings and anecdotal evidence that may be wrong. Marketing decisions driven by incorrect assumptions can prove extremely costly. In today's increasingly competitive economy, you want to know that you are making the smartest decisions, supported by the best information.

With Caller Insight, you can do just that - without adding any new processes or software to your daily business practices. Caller Insight works by cross-referencing the Caller ID of incoming phone calls against two of the premier paid demographics databases on the market, giving you quick access to powerful caller statistics.

Caller Insight Data

The demographic data returned by Caller Insight is integrated directly into your existing reports interface and can be reviewed at the aggregate level or at the individual call level. Aggregate data is presented in infographic-style reports that highlight the most common characteristics of your callers, while individual call detail data is provided in table format for granular review.

Up to 22 data points are returned for each caller, including:

  • Phone Number
  • Name
  • Address
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Marital Status
  • Education Level
  • Occupation
  • Estimated Income
  • Interests
  • Children
  • Own Credit Cards
  • Own vs. Rent
  • Dwelling Type (Single/Multi)
  • Length at Residence
  • Home Purchase Date & Time
  • Mortgage Amount & Type
  • Lender Name
  • Estimated Current Home Value
  • Refinance Date, Amount, Loan Type
  • Refinance Lender's Name

Hit Rate

Your data hit rate (the percentage of Caller IDs that will have demographic data available) will depend on the market segment that you target and receieve phone calls from. Most customers see a hit rate in the 40-60% range, but it will vary for each customer. As a rule of thumb, callers with greater credit exposure will return data at a higher frequency than callers with lesser credit exposure.


Caller Insight is $30/mo per service instance and includes 1 phone number. If the service instance has more than 1 phone number tied to it, an additional charge of $1/mo per phone number will apply.

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