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About Call Recording

Are you sure that your sales people are saying the right thing, or that your customer service representatives are resolving situations fully? There are a number of reasons you may want to record your calls, but whatever your application, call recording is the best way to easily monitor what's being said on important phone calls. Example uses include:

Customer Service Audits and Training
Order Entry Accuracy
Regulatory Requirements
General Reference and Playback
Customer Service
Audits & Training
Order Entry
General Reference
& Playback


The call recording feature can be enabled at the service level to record all your calls automatically. Alternately, if you only want to record certain calls, the service can be configured to prompt for recording preference at the start of each call.

Prerecorded notification messages are included and can be played to callers at the start of every call (optional).

Storage & Delivery

Call recordings are stored in your online account for free. You can keep recordings for as long as you like, and there are no limits on the total number of call recordings that you can keep.

Recordings can be retrieved online anytime, or can be configured for automatic email delivery with an MP3 attachment, recording file link, or both.


Call Recording is $1/mo per phone number, and includes unlimited storage.

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