5 Reasons to use Call-Only Ads with a Hosted Number

May 12, 2015 by

Just when we thought the biggest bidding auction on the web couldn’t get any bigger, Google introduced call-only pay per click ads. Call only ads are just what they sound like – the only option they give visitors is to call your business, with no link to your website, or any clickable buttons other than “call.” This is a fantastic option for businesses where inbound call conversion rates are higher than other lead sources, which these days, is almost everyone.

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A/B Testing with Phone Numbers

Apr 14, 2015 by

Marketers know that the most successful campaigns stem from data driven decisions – which is why it is standard practice to test anything before it’s released. We want to know which headline causes the most click throughs, which images lead to higher conversion, and which color our call to action buttons should be and what they should say – and rightfully so. We want to know the best way to spend our precious marketing budget. It’s not difficult to get data about clicks, page visits and conversions – but what about the marketing processes that result in offline sales action? How do you test those campaigns?

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Call Tracking: The Missing Email Marketing Metric

Feb 24, 2015 by
Call Tracking for Emails

If you’re familiar with email marketing best practices, you know that 48 hours after sending a promotional email, it’s time to start looking at the metrics for it. In that time, your email has been delivered, and the reader has noticed it. They’ve had enough time to decide if they’re going to open your intriguing subject line, or if they’re going to ignore it.

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How to Save Money on Prison Calls

Feb 5, 2015 by
how to save money on prison phone calls

Having a loved one in prison can be a very difficult experience. Beyond the abrupt change in day-to-day lifestyle for themselves and those closes to them, connecting with someone who is on the inside can be an expensive task as well. With some states almost $7 for a 15 minute phone call, the cost of talking to someone in their time of need can be staggering and, frankly, an unaffordable option for some. HostedNumbers.com has created an alternative for those with incarcerated loved ones. In almost every circumstance, creating a HostedNumbers account will save you money. To help see how much money you can save using our services, we’ve created a helpful table.

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How to Reduce Customer Call Churn

Nov 12, 2014 by
bad phone service

One of the biggest issues companies with several departments face is customers calling in to the main number, being routed around and, before they reach the person then intended on talking to, the hang up out of frustration. These customers segment a unique group of people that, no matter how good your service or marketing, will always be lost due to a messy division of your business phone numbers, (or worse, a single phone number).

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How To Track ROI with Call Tracking

Oct 28, 2014 by
how to increase ROI

When you spend money on advertising, you live and die by your return on investment (ROI). Your goal, as a business owner or media buyer or advertising executive or whatever position it may be that calls upon you to formulate an advertising strategy, is to make sure that you’re bringing in more profit that you’re doling out in order to advertise. On Internet ads with direct conversion funnels, this might be easy, but for something like a radio or television ad, designating revenue towards a specific campaign can be much trickier. One way to see how much each ad is bringing in (and the positive or negative changes in ads, when you tweak them) is by implementing call tracking.

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Ways Healthcare Practices Benefit from Hosted Phone Services

Sep 15, 2014 by

Physicians know that having good relationships with their patients is one of the most important factors in patient satisfaction – and the public seems to agree, too.

In a 2014 study conducted by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, patients listed doctors being inaccessible in the top 5 traits of a poor-quality doctor. Aside from spending more time in the office (or offices), there are a few ways that healthcare professionals can make patients feel like they are more accessible that will also help them stay organized.

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How Virtual Numbers Can Help Small Businesses in the Food Service Industry

Sep 8, 2014 by

Previously, we’ve talked about the fact that the person who answers the phone when a potential customer calls your business makes the first impression, and has a big influence on whether or not the caller will become a customer.

But let’s rewind for a moment, to before the phone is even answered. What do your callers hear between the time that they dial your phone number, and said person answers the phone?

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How Should I Send This Message? [Decision Tree]

Sep 3, 2014 by

Think of how often emails sit in your inbox for days on end, collecting dust until they are no longer relevant; or about how frustrating it can be to have your train of thought interrupted with a phone call
telling you to check out a website with the latest cute baby animal video. Don’t get it wrong, baby animals are great – and maybe it’s a stretch to call someone about them, but a link to the video in your email inbox that could have been watched four days later would have been appreciated over the fluster that the phone call caused you.

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