About Us

Reliable Service

With over 20 years of experience dedicated to helping business owners and user with their communications needs, you can count on your phone numbers to always work just like they are supposed to.

Our state of the art data centers are equiped with the latest in technology and have built-in redundancy at every level, including:

  • Powerful data redundancy across our network of systems
  • A core network designed with switch and route diversity, including automatic failover on the local loop
  • Disaster recovery backups every 10 minutes
  • Environmental alarms and 24/7 monitoring for emergencies
  • A 450KW generator that supplies power up for to 5 days in the event of a power outage

Customer Support You Can Depend On

We provide 24-7 phone and email support from our friendly customer service agents located right here in the US, not overseas. In order to offer the most reliable, dependable customer service experience, each of our agents completes a 40-hour training course that includes extensive training on all of our systems and hands-on experience resolving a variety of customer issues before they start taking calls.

We hold each of customer reps accountable by performing monthly call audits and by providing continuing training opportunities throughout their career with us. Not only does this ensure that you will reach a highly trained professional when you call HostedNumbers.com, but that your situation will be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. And you'll never wait on long hold times with us - we answer 90% of all incoming service calls within 30 seconds.

Customer-Oriented Experience with a Focus on Results

At HostedNumbers.com, we listen to our customers and take all feedback very seriously. If you have questions, want to give feedback or would like to see what HostedNumbers.com can do for your business, call us at 800-300-9525 and speak with one of our friendly customer service agents today.

Our Management Team

  • Glen Davidson

    Glen Davidson

    President & CEO
  • Austin Davidson

    Austin Davidson

    VP, Product Development
  • Jackie Gonzalez

    Jackie Gonzalez

    VP, Operations
  • Ken Devivo

    Ken Devivo

    VP, Development & IT
  • Miguel Gonzalez

    Miguel Gonzalez

    Development Manager
  • David Mason

    David Mason

    CS Director
  • Cedric Harris

    Cedric Harris

    CS Manager
  • Sandy Hosey

    Sandy Hosey

    Accounting Manager
  • Karen Stark

    Karen Stark

    HR Director