How Click2Call Works

After dropping a small code snippet onto your site, website visitors will be able to request an immediate callback with a single click. The widget features a field for the user's phone number and a "Call Me" button. When a user types in their phone number and clicks the Call Me button, the Click2Call widget will call you at the phone number you specified during widget setup. After it's connected on your end, the widget will place a 2nd call to the user's phone number and then bridge the two calls together.

Our Contact Us box in the right sidebar is a Click2Call widget, and as you can see, they can be fully styled with CSS (or can be copied from our setup template).

Installing Click2Call Widgets

Click2Call widgets are easy to install and are ready to use immediately after deploying. Simply select the hosted number that you wish to use as your ring-to destination, and our web tools generate the code snippet from there. Drop the snippet on your page, and you're ready to start taking calls with the widget.


Click2Call is $2/mo per service instance, and there are no limits on the number of widgets you can create.

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